Monday, May 20, 2019

The Pinnacle of Fire Ministries international (POFMI) is an interdenominational ministry where God’s people from all walks of life and background come together to lift up their voices of worship, praises, and prayers to GOD alone who is worthy. In this ministry color, culture, race or nationality is no barrier to our fellowship with God.
We believe that where a man invests his resources determines the level of returns he gets. We know that the greatest place to invest in is the soul of man and that is why we spend our time and energy doing battle on behalf of the souls of men. We are the right ministry for the afflicted, oppressed, suppressed and depressed souls of men. It is for this reason that this ministry is made manifest to destroy the works of the enemy against the souls of mankind through the power of Jesus Christ.
In this world where people’s hearts are failing them for fear and the anchor of hope is being crushed into repairable pieces by the turbulent storms of life; at “The Pinnacle of Fire Ministry International (POFMI)”, the Word of God is the anchor that calms the storms of life. At “The Pinnacle of Fire Ministry International (POFMI)” we look to the future with confidence in Jesus Christ the divined Son of God, born of a virgin, lived a perfect and sinless life, was crucified on the cross of Calvary where he died for all our sins, and after three days, rose from the dead. According to the Holy Bible, the price of sin is death. Because Jesus died on the cross, he has made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. He gave His life so that we all can live and receive eternal life, and a place in heaven through faith in him.
When all of life’s cares are weighing you down and grieve like a huge thunder cloud in the sky overwhelms you, at the ‘’PINNACLE OF FIRE’’ we’re far above life’s challenges through God’s grace.
We are the Battle Axe of God echoing the Voice and Hand of God that encourages, uplifts and comforts people through deliverance and Battle Cry Fire Prayer.
We believe in treating one another as brothers and sisters; building stronger families with Godly values, encouraging lost souls to reconcile in body and in spirit, with the Father and assisting every individual to attain their God given potential for the glory of God.
We would like to extend our hands to you, to join us in praise and worship during our regular programmes. We welcome you in the name of the Lord Jesus!