The Aviation insurance policy provides an “All Risks” cover for Aircraft and Aviation risks for Commercial aircraft operators, Corporate and business aircraft operators, ‘Aerial work’ and air taxi operators, Private owners and flying clubs, Manufacturers of aircraft and of components for use in aircraft, Owners or operators of airports, hangers and other premises, Aircrew, Passengers, Shippers of goods by air, Owners or operators of gliders, balloons and hovercraft.
The aircraft (Hull) can be insured against loss or damage on an ‘Insured’ and ‘Agreed Value” basis and wear, tear and breakdown of the aircraft resulting in an accident subject to some considerations.
The Policy also covers Passenger Liability, third party legal liability, products liability and Airport owners’ and operators’ liability.
Air cargo can also be insured subject to the Institute Air Cargo Clauses (All Risks) under the policy.

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