The modern trend has shown that the Workmen’s Compensation and Group Personal Accident policies do not satisfy the needs of the employer, and do not give the employee adequate compensation. Many employers are therefore shifting from the traditional Group Personal Accident and Workmen’s Compensation policies to the GROUP LIFE PLAN because of its benefits.
The Group Life Plan provides the following benefits:
• Death/ Permanent Disability resulting from accidents..
• Death as a result of illness or natural death.
• Bodily injuries suffered from accident.
• Temporary Disability resulting from accident.
• Medical expenses.
• Weekly benefit.
Fifty percent of sum assured payable as a lump sum in the event of dreaded diseases i.e., Stroke, kidney failure, paralysis, blindness, cancer, heart attack, coronary artery, major organ transplant etc.
The policy excludes death as a result of suicide.

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