Our Services

As a professional insurance broking firm with a wide experience in the insurance industry, we offer prospective and existing clients with a high quality insurance service, with no charge. It is important to explain that it is a traditional practice in our industry for the services rendered by intermediaries to be rewarded for, by the insurance company that bears the risk.

May we explain further that by this arrangement, no additional premium cost is incurred by clients; the overall premium commitment for the risks covered may rather turn out to be lower as a result of our expert advice on risk management and knowledge of the various insurers and their services which will be applied for competitive advantage to clients.
1.    We present and fully explain insurance policies and terms to our clients and ensure that they    understand important aspects of the cover.
2.    We provide fast and competitive quotations for our clients.
3.    We select and recommend reputable and efficient insurers for our clients.
4.    We provide risk management and technical advice to our clients based on a detailed knowledge of their business and philosophy.
5.    We act promptly on the insurance product  needs of our clients and provide written acknowledgements and progress reports on all transactions.
6.    We maintain clear records of our client’s businesses and negotiate with insurers on their behalf.
7.    In relation to claims, we give immediate notification of losses to the insurance company and advice our client of his /her rights and obligations under the particular policy.
8.    We assist our clients in preparing necessary documents and information in support of claims, negotiate with insurers on their behalf, get the best of settlement offer and make sure the payments are promptly made.